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After the Revolution

The school campus is located at the foot of the Bánoš hill, hence the designation SOŠ Pod Bánošom. For almost 70 years of existence the school has undergone many changes, which have copied the current situation in Slovakia. In the past, education was focused exclusively on agricultural professionals for practice. Later, new specialisations with a food industry focus were added.

After the 'Velvet Revolution' in 1989, agriculture in Slovakia declined. The number of sheep and cattle herds was declining and there was no need for intensive cultivation of the land. For parents and pupils, agricultural and food science courses became unattractive. It was time to find a new path, a new direction. The road to the 'new' form was not easy.

Since 2005

The school management and staff mobilised their forces and from 2005 started to profile the school as an educational institution focusing on rural development, land management, agro-tourism and related services. This is also evidenced by the composition of study and teaching fields, which helped the school to become visible not only in the town of Banská Bystrica, but also in the whole of Slovakia. We have become a leader in comprehensive vocational education in the field of agriculture, food processing and rural services in the region. We contribute to the preservation of the cultural customs of the countryside and its specificities, we try to return the rural landscape to its natural farmer.

Since 2011

In 2011, the only Centre for Education and Training in Beekeeping in Slovakia was established at our secondary school. Another Education and Training Centre in confectionery and baking was added in 2014. The school has boldly entered the segment of lifelong learning and skill development. Thus, the school teaches 7 days a week so that adults who are interested can also be educated.

All our courses have been certified by the International Education Society (IES) in England since 2004. The school's latest rating is Highly erudite and professionally run educational institution and the IES certificate is a valid qualification worldwide.

What we teach, we do

The school is guided by the motto "What we teach, we do". Practice is just as important as theoretical teaching and this is felt at every step of the school. You will find practical specialist classrooms "menageries" where there are aquariums, vivariums, terrariums, aviaries and all full of live animals, different shapes and colours, snakes, reptiles, spiders, fish, birds. But also a kennel of Dalmatian dogs, bee hives and apiaries or carpentry workshops for making beehives. Also well-equipped workshops for future bakers, confectioners, cooks or butchers. You can see the quality of their bakery, confectionery and butchery products directly in the school shops. Due to the great interest of the pupils in horse breeding and riding, the school has purchased a few horses. Those interested in falconry have their predatory friends with wings in the school aviary.

Pod Bánošom

School at present

School life is filled with interesting activities for the general public. We have become not only a place of education, but also a zone of rest, relaxation and fun. During the season we organise popular farmers' markets, known as the Opening and Closing of the Banoche. For people, they have become synonymous with the opening and closing of the farming season and the production of quality food from primary producers. As part of an interesting activity called Traditional Breakfast, children in all kindergartens in Banská Bystrica receive live foods for breakfast - fresh bread, butter, honey, milk, which come from our school and from primary producers in the region. Educating parents, creating good eating habits in young children, raising employment in the region - all this is behind the traditional breakfast.

Although we mention the countryside at every turn, through international ERASMUS+ projects our pupils and staff travel abroad on mobility placements. The school has successfully coordinated high-impact projects on bee care and we have achieved considerable success internationally. The BLESABEE (Blessed Bees) project was awarded a gold medal in Montreal, Canada and received the prestigious Award for Excellence from the European Commission.

Every success, big and small, is a commitment and we know we still have a long way to go. We are a school where you can have an adventure every day. We are a school where you can find your own path.

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