School dormitory and school canteen

Accommodation and catering

School dormitory


If you're from far away and can't commute to school every day, don't worry. We have our own dormitory where you can stay like many of your classmates. The dormitory is part of the school and you go to school in your "slippers".

Each apartment includes a small room for one person and a large room for 3 people and its own bathroom (bathroom with shower, separate toilet). There is a common room, TV set, calceto (table football), board games, small library, table tennis.

School canteen


We have our own school canteen, which is right in the school building and offers lunch for all pupils. It also prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for boarding pupils.

The school kitchen is staffed by experienced cooks, as well as pupils of the pastry chef department with their mistress, who enrich our school's menu with surprising new recipes.

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