4-year study programme

Rural development entrepreneur

Nature, animals, clear air. Do you feel better in the countryside than in the hustle and bustle of the city? If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty once in a while, this field is perfect for you! You'll learn how to care for livestock, grow plants, drive a car and a tractor, the basics of falconry, hunting and horse riding. In addition to manual skills, you'll gain knowledge of economics, management and service delivery, which you'll be able to combine into a sound business. You will become a master of nature and gain the opportunity to protect it for yourself and for future generations.
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Code and name of the department
4553 K Rural development entrepreneur

Degree of education granted
full secondary vocational education - ISCED 354

Evidence of educational attainment
Evidence of successful completion of studies is a school leaving certificate, a certificate of education

Form of study

Length of studies
4 years

Compelling arguments

Why choose this study programme

In the fresh air

You'll spend a lot of time in the outdoors - you'll have lessons in horse riding, falconry and you'll even get a hunting license.

Great application

At the end of your studies, you will receive both a high school diploma and a vocational certificate, with which you will have a wide range of options employment.

Driving licence for tractor

During your studies, you can get your tractor licence for free. You will also get a car licence. The theory is free for you and you get discounted driving.

You will master planning

You will learn the principles of planning and creating conditions for agro-tourism and rural tourism.

Culture and traditions

You will learn about the history, culture and traditions of regions, towns and villages. You will learn about the curiosities they hide.

Traditional crafts

You will try out what traditional craftsmanship involves - for example pottery, processing wood or weaving.

As a graduate, you won't get lost

What kind of applications will you have?

This course will give you a comprehensive foundation with which you don't have to worry about getting a job - without agricultural professionals. It's up to you whether you decide to set up your own farm, produce and sell agricultural products, pursue agri-tourism or continue studying at university.

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Rita Vaszilová

Entrepreneur in pet keeping trade
2nd year

"Thanks to my studies I gained a new perspective on breeding, knowledge, but also valuable experience that I could not get anywhere else. I think anyone who has a relationship with animals should think about studying in this field at this school."

Vízi Bálint

2nd year

"My studies at this school are made more enjoyable by good professors, a relaxed group of classmates, and the spice of my life here are the falconry classes, which I can eventually enjoy while hunting. And the well-equipped school gym :-)"

Zuzana Perichtová

Confectioner cook
Graduate 1998

"The school has strengthened my relationship with baking, which for me is a joy, a hobby and a relaxation - it's a love for life. Even after 20 years since I graduated, I am still happy to come back here with a smile on my lips and I am glad that one of my children has decided to follow this path too."

Lilla Tóthová

Rural development entrepreneur
2nd year

"I found everything I needed at this school - working with animals and machinery, falconry, bees, driving licence, I tried pottery, working with wool. In the future I plan to take over my father's farm and be as good a person as he is."

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